UK AID “Manufacturing Africa” will be linked into – Factory Units can be set up for Glass, Metal, Steel and Building Blocks for House Building produced

UK AID “Manufacturing Africa” will provide additional support for Manufacturing Factories to be established in Zambia using the recycled glass, metals, ash and ceramics and producing new products.

The Green Growth Compact is a landmark agreement made on the 5th November 2021 that will benefit the UK and Zambia by boosting UK investment in Zambia by up to

£1 billion, creating thousands of jobs and supporting green energy production. This is an extremely exciting time for the partnership between the UK and Zambia and also linking in with the Gasification & 100% Recycling plant technology from the USA.

Waste has Value – Working closely with both PSECC Ltd turning waste into a circular model – manufacturing of new goods and zero landfill “Circular”. We will ensure the project is Sustainable for Zambia, also working with your Ministries.

Glass, Metals, Steel, Ceramics and Ash are reused for new products and the Plastic & Rubber reused in Energy production for Zambia.

The new “Compact Agreement” could be linked into.

The “Compact Agreement” will be linked into to provide funding for small Factory Units to be set up to manufacture new products from the recycled materials.