We will work with our Bankers to provide the funding for Zambia & also the COP26 Green Climate Fund.

To start – Alset Power Company Inc can provide USD $435 million (approximately) to use for five new Net Zero Waste plants & trucks for Lusaka, Livingston & Lake Tanganyika Harbour areas in Zambia. Funding is from our Banks and possibly from the new COP26 Green Climate Fund.
The Minister of Finance & Minister of Energy need to agree to the project and sign the Mandate letter and then in a few weeks the MoU is issued by the Government to have the waste plants. A Feedstock Agreement and Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) must also be agreed too by the Government to provide 500 tonnes per day of MSW to each plant and to buy the electricity, ZESCO may also wish to have a PPA.
Because Zambia has a need for sustainable waste management and more Renewable Energy then we will also link into the new Green Climate Fund. With a little over 10 years left to meet the target date of 2030, the world will need to pick up the pace and put greater efforts in finding better solutions to pollution, climate change and biodiversity.

No Government funding required and no payback by the Government. The new waste plants will meet all of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Green Climate Fund – In a second USD $600 million development programme we can look at with the Government for twelve 50MW Solar Farms throughout Zambia offering stability to the electricity supply to the people and Government of Zambia.

Alset Power Company Inc can assist Zambia and the Government should consider using our funding of USD $435 million (approximately) to build Waste Gasification plants, clear landfill sites and old Landfill sites and build Social Housing using the new building blocks.

We provide all funding and Technology for a Circular Economy & Net ZERO or 1.5 degree Celsius.

Typical funding £60 million to £3 Billion

No Government funding required & no payback by Government. Alset Power Company Inc. will have another agreement with the Government for Alset Power Company Inc. to pay back the funding. Revenue share in each plant back to the Government.

The Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero, GFANZ (COP26)

We need to invest and grow to have an orderly transition to sustainability. The investment requirements are enormous: $130 trillion has already been pledged at COP26.

It’s goal is to transform the global financial system in order to finance

the investment in a net-zero economy.

USD $100 Billion per year investment is required for Countries to adapt to Climate Change.

Green Climate Fund

About 570 million people in Sub-Saharan Africa lack access to electricity, and instead have to rely on kerosene and diesel generators for lighting. Meanwhile, 85 percent of the population lack access to clean cooking fuels and technologies. Failure to address these energy problems, which are holding back national development and causing rapid deforestation and dangerous levels of indoor air pollution, will severely undermine Africa’s growth and stability as a continent. 

The LEAF framework will provide decentralised renewable energy solutions to tackle the energy shortfall, while also reducing CO2 emissions and simultaneously boosting local economies and businesses.