RST – Recycling Solutions Technology

Enjoy the best Waste-to-Energy and Recycling combined together into each of our plants – Net Zero

100% Recycling & Cleanest form of Waste-to-Energy – Zero Waste – Zero Landfill

At SARRALLE we work to manage in the most efficient way the waste resulted from the industrial activity and obtain energy from it. We work close to the best technologist in the waste recovery area, giving the best solutions adapted to our customer needs.

SARRALLE supplies engineering and construction services in :

  • Incineration.
  • Recycling
  • Biomass.
  • Gasification.
  • Urban solid waste treatment.
  • Energy recovery.
  • Sludge Treatment.

Sarralle or Siemens to build the plants

USD $350 Million to be arranged for the first four Recycling & Gasification plant, 200 trucks, 500 Gas-Powered Rickshaws, bins & containers

Siemens have built over 1,000 Power Plants globally and built our first plant in Kentucky USA. We provide ZWT – ZERO-Waste Technology, EPC & Funding.  Zambia wish to have the first two plants in Lusaka, Livingston, Monze and Lake Tanganyika will be the sites for the other three plants.

Net Zero funding will be arranged USD $435 million for Zambia

Funding enables Zambia to have the Best waste ZWT technology – Power Purchase Agreements (PPA’s) will help pay for the plant.

Energy & recycling

Our Gasification & Recycling plants – very clean process

42.5 tonnes of glass & 18.5 tonnes of metals recycled, 10 tonnes of Ash reused each day from each plant

totalling 355 tonnes per day from five plants

45% more efficient than Incineration – food production using carbon dioxide from the plants. The four plants produce a total of 649,900 MWh of electricity each year (Renewable Electricity for Zambia – Climate Change Mitigation).

Full funding provided

What was waste is now a Resource & has great value – NO waste to Disposal at Landfill


Glass is recycled and used and mixed with ash to manufacture concrete blocks for house building

Helps meet Country Recycling rates.

Metal is recycled and used to manufacture new products, plastic used in energy generation.

Building blocks made from glass, ash & cement

Renewable Baseload Electricity

Gasification of waste produces Syngas for electricity production – 45% more efficient than Incineration & 50% less cost.

Tyres also are processed and reused in energy production and steel manufacturing