Presentation – Power-point

To understand our offer to Zambia – please review the Presentation made to the Ministry of Green Economy Director Fishani Gondwe, Gladys and his Team in February 2022

Our Private Banks will first be used and then if required COP26 Green Climate Fund will be linked into for the Feasibility study stage – programmes FP080 / FP099 & FP168 – this fund may also be used for main project finance and or possibly in time the US EXIMBANK in Zambia restructure their Debt through the IMF or alternatively other Alset Power funders.

It is our intention not only to have the first development Waste programme but also a second Solar Farm development programme for Zambia. Both these programmes will provide full funding for the Government of Green – Renewable Energy Zambia projects – a demonstration of COP26 in action in Zambia, Africa. There is “NO” funding requirement from the Government.