Zero Waste

Zero Landfill

Circular Economy transition – Adaptive planning – Net Zero – Climate funding

Alset Power Company Inc can provide USD $435 million for Zambia projects. No Government funding required & no payback by Government. Alset Power Company Inc. will have another agreement with the Government for Alset Power Company Inc. to pay back the funding. Revenue share in each plant back to the Government. Also, USD $600 million for Solar Farms development in Zambia will be obtained from our bankers or the Green Climate Fund.

This website is meant as an aid to the Government of Zambia to understand the project detail and funding offer being made.

The transition into a Circular Economy – Adaptive Planning – Climate Finance from the USA

Gasification Energy Plants  ZERO Waste ZERO Landfill & 100% Recycling. This is not Incineration this is 100% Recycling of glass, metals, ash and ceramics, & Gasification. Plastic is used in the Gasification process to produce much needed clean electricity. Very, very low emissions and 45% more efficient than Incineration.

We have been developing this project over a two year period and recently in 2021 tendered for the Waste plants in Zambia and have won that tender and are at Feasibility Study stage and working closely with the Ministry of Energy & OPPPI & PPP departments and are guided by the Ministry of Finance for a speedy delivery process. We now need sign off by the Minister of Finance & Minister of Energy and an MoU issued. No Zambia Government funding needed & no project finance payback by Government – shareholding in each plant for Zambia Government.

ZERO waste ZERO Landfill – We eliminate the landfill so no waste goes to the landfill.  The Landfill waste is also mixed with daily waste generated as a mixed feedstock into our plants.  Over time the Landfill site is cleared. 

Another USD $600 million could be invested to Zambia to Solar Farms in a second development project if the Government wish to investigate this with us and allow us to obtain funding from either our Banks or the new International Green Climate Fund.

New Educational Centres & Plant

ALSET POWER’s partner, Siemens, along with Bio Carbon Fuels offers this proposal to construct the Lusaka Environmental Education Centre & Bright Future Project with a Total Recovery Facility® (“TRF®”) waste plant inside, which will produce building products and renewable electricity and liquid fuels in the second and third phases of this project. This project information package is intended to provide Lusaka & Zambia with information regarding a proposed Environmental Education Centre that will convert MSW and other waste streams into composite building products and clean electricity and renewable on-road transportation fuels (the “Project”).

The system proposed will initially consume up to 500 tpd in each plant, the County has 2,500 tons of MSW currently available in the Zambia, so five plants can be built.

This will eliminate the current practice of landfill saving millions of dollars over current practices. The Project will be scalable to take advantage of future growth opportunities expandable to all the MSW in the including agricultural waste and other various waste streams giving Lusaka & Zambia 100% reuse and complete recycling with no need for any waste to go to a landfill and reaching the county’s goal of carbon neutral by 2025.

The New Five Waste plant (s) for Zambia & Educational Centres, working with the Bright Future Project partner. 200 new trucks & 500 Gas-Powered Rickshaws
200 New Trucks & 500 Gas-powered Rickshaws to collect waste from Cities, Towns & Villages

Our Tender documents were submitted at the end of June 2021 and we are now at Feasibility study stage.  This website has been produced as a means for the Government to understand further our offer. 


These new plants will enable Zambia to transition into the Circular Economy.  100% Recycling of glass, metals, ceramics and Ash with clean Renewable Energy production from Gasification.  Plastic is used for energy production to help meet the need for electricity in Zambia.  

Full funding provision from Alset Power Company Inc with “no need of any funding from the Government of Zambia.

Electricity is produced and new manufacturing factories could be set up making glass and metal  products,, new building blocks for homes manufactured and food production using the waste carbon dioxide from the waste plants.

The transition into a Circular Economy – Adaptive Planning – Climate Finance

Five Gasification & Recycling Plants & Funding approximately $435 million – no funding required from Government and no payback of funding by Government – processing 2,500 tonnes per day of MSW

Alset Power Company Inc.

The development company from the USA. Along with Siemens the EPC company to build the plants, who have built over 1,000 Power Plants Globally.

New plants for Zambia

The plants are to be built in Lusaka, Livingston & Lake Tanganyika to process 500 tonnes per day each of MSW

The Bright Future project

This is a Government & NMS supported project for Chongwe one of Zambia’s District Councils.  Local Community clean ups and Recycling initiatives

Bright Future meetings

Ngozika of The Bright Future project programme in meetings at Lake Tanganyika Harbour.

Waste in Zambia

The new trucks we will pay for and provide will help collect this waste.


USD $435 million (approximately) – Funding will come from us via Private Bank or Green Climate funds.

The new plants

Kentucky plant in USA

Small footprint – six acre site