Climate Change
Zambia can transition towards Net Zero – Zero Waste – Zero Landfill

Our plants will assist this reduction in Global Warming

In February 2021 we gained support and agreement from the Ministry of Energy & OPPPI to proceed with the Feasibility Study stage. We now await the Minister of Finance to agree to sign off on the funding.

Net Zero assistance

The new plants will produce a total of 649,900 MWh each year from all four plants of Renewable Electricity for Zambia from the five plants.

Zambia can commence adaption pathways in their fight against Climate Change – adopt the new Waste-to-Energy Gasification & 100% Recycling plants and also Solar Farms and Solar Off Grid for homes.

An EMS – Environmental Management System software can enable the Ministry of Green Economy to understand Country Emissions and then adapt the Economy to mitigate Climate Change.

COP26 – Net Zero

The World leaders and Zambia President are all united and pledged to limit Global Warming to 1.5 Degree C. These new Recycling & Gasification energy plants will help achieve that for Zambia. Our Climate Investment funding from Alset Power Company Inc.